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About Andrew

Andrew lives near Edinburgh with a cat who insists on auditioning for a part in a future story.

“I want a story,” he was adamant.
“Read a book.”
“I’ve read them. All of them.”
“You can’t have.”
“He’s quick,” admitted his mother, in a distracted way, lying on the bed in our rented room, and leafing through the Rough Guide.
We were in Kalabaka in Greece, half way through a whirlwind tour of the central part of the country. It was evening, at the end of a long day of monastery visits, and we were all pretty tired, but our digs were quite spartan, and there was little by way of entertainment for a child. Irritatingly, we had underestimated our youngster’s appetite for reading, and had run out of material. But it was bed time and he should be exhausted, why couldn’t he just go to sleep?
“Tell me a story!” He was insistent in that way only children know.
“Yes, tell us a story,” said his mother, looking up with a mischievous glint in her eye.
That was how it started; from a challenge.

The bed time story became a recurring theme for the remainder of the trip. When we returned home I scribbled the tales down as best I could, then over a few months worked on them some more. Looking back, they were wretched, but my wife seemed to see something in them and encouraged me to keep going. However, real life got in the way, and they became forgotten, residing on a remote corner of a hard drive, never looked at from one month’s end to another, until many years later, with a three month gap between contracts looming, and nothing better to fill the days, I dusted them off, and had another look. I decided to flesh out the half remembered story lines, and try and weave them toward a satisfying conclusion, in the process starting to learn how to write. Many days were lost in research, but after three months, to my surprise, I had a first draft of a full length novel.

In the years between those first fumbling oral tales and that first draft a lot of ‘life’ happened, not all of it good, and maybe reflecting that, the stories evolved and became somewhat darker, and more nuanced. What I finally produced was no longer a children’s story, and as the cast of characters wandering through my thoughts grew, it was apparent that one book could not contain them all. A series beckoned. Where will these fascinating characters take me, and how will they all end up? I’ve got an inkling, but unlike Athens, nothing is set in stone, and there may be some unexpected twists and turns along the way. I hope you will join me on the journey to find out. It should be fun. I promise.

Welcome to The Reawakening.